This celtic knot inspired logo design was created for a business consultancy.
 This is the colour version of the McBaird Consulting, for use on their business cards and website.
 Avenger Resources is an oil and gas exploration survey company. The logo is inspired by a vintage survey instrument, with a visual indicator pointing to the earth, and evokes a superhero feeling.
 The colour version of the Avenger Resources logo for use on business cards and uniform embroidery.
 New logo design for Chaordix. Focusing on a clean and fresh design.
 Logo/monogram resembling a brand for a cattle company.
 Custom logo for a Canadian medical veterinary clinic, evoking their excellent reputation for customer care.
 This energy company brief asked for a logo that united their Calgary (Canada) and Texas (USA) company.
 Global oilfield services giant, Schlumberger, required a new logo to launch the newly positioned software division, Schlumberger Information Solutions. The circular element of the logo was also used alone for promotional items and graphic icons.
 This energy services firm logo combines a mountain profile that echoes the M in the company's name.
 Logo for the Town of Okotoks to promote the Energy Conservation Rebate Pilot Program. A visual emphasis on renewable energy.
 Representing the history and discovery of oil and gas in the Turner Valley Oilfield.
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